peace coffee and feathers
Dear Tumblr…

what should I made for breakfast?

Everything sounds delicious! I made gluten free waffles + soft boiled egg + mango/cinnamon/molasses topping! Thanks guys! 

Posted 2 years ago
  1. ceridwens-disco answered: French toast!
  2. mkesteph answered: eggs over easy with wheat toast and peach oatmeal on the side!
  3. midnighttomoscow answered: Coffee
  4. florachild answered: sprouted buckwheat bagels, avocado, onion sprouts and a bit of local orange blossom honey :)
  5. liveregretlessly answered: pancakes :D
  6. neko-shi answered: PANCAKES
  7. temporarylunacy answered: scrambled eggs with onion, little pieces of bell pepper, and some bacon :) All to fill a tortilla if you have them!
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